5 Advantages of End-to-End Software

The team at NetSteps has published 5 Advantages of End-to-End Software with an emphasis on Direct Selling companies. Anyone in business and utilizing Enterprise software will relate to the 5 points.

The quote from yours truly at the end of the article relates to watching any sports game and being unable to concentrate on the game because the Refs can’t stop blowing their whistles. Someone, either the Refs, the players, or both, are out of control in this situation and the entire game can come off the wheels for the teams and fans alike. You need to be able to focus your energy on the business. The platforms that support your business are just that – platforms to support your business. They are not *the* business.

I wish you success and great tools to empower you on the journey. (Much more on this to come in the coming weeks and months.)

Enjoy!  See the article at NetSteps.com.

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