25 Years

2008 is off with a BANG! The starter’s gun was blown with the start of CES as the starting blocks. I look forward to sharing more in the coming blogs.

2008 is also a start on the “next 25 years” for Susan and I. We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary in July of 2007! Family and close friends surprised us as we came together for a week of celebration and renewed our vows.

25 Years!

In both the musical and wedding worlds, 25 years is an accomplishment to celebrate. And like a band staying together, keeping a marriage together in these times takes more than just the band members’ love and commitment. Family and friends support and our faith in God is where we share the credit for our marriage success to date. So to all of you who are friends and family, we say “Thank you!” as we head into the next 25 years together. We are thankful for all of you in our life. You are a key part of our journey as we make life’s music together!

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