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Have It All?

Have It All?

As many of you know, I serve as Lifebook’s COO (for over two years now.) It’s a little like that old Remington Razor guy Victor Kiam who used to say he liked the company so much, he bought it! Lifebook was not for sale, so I joined them and love helping people achieve their goals ... Read More

Microsoft… Writing the Book

I often receive requests to share Microsoft experiences and stories. Over the past year, as more and more books about Steve Jobs have been released, I have also shared my personal experiences and interactions with Steve. And the requests have become more and more frequent… “You should write a book!” Recently that type of request ... Read More

Jar Jar Binks

Yesterday was May 4. Or, as Star Wars fans put it, “May the 4th be with you.” For some reason that brought back to my┬ámind the “least liked”┬ácharacter in the whole Star Wars series, Jar Jar Binks. JJ Abrams has been quoted as saying he will kill off the Gungan character in the new Star ... Read More