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Apple iPad – Now Available? And only $9.99!

Apple iPad – Now Available? And only $9.99!

Apple’s iPad announcement yesterday inspired many and disappointed others (myself included in the latter.) Thinking about what was actually delivered, it became apparent that some of the iPad’s limitations could be solved and the “product” could be made available starting today for only $9.99!  Even as Engadget provided a live blog stream from the event ... Read More

Fujitsu and the iPad – “Even we beat MadTV”

As I reported yesterday, Apple’s iPad branding was beat to market in 2006 by MadTV (Article: Apple’s iPad was actually beat by Fujitsu. The Fujitsu iPad was branded in 2003. Regardless, Apple released their product anyways. Full story here: So far the legal dispute has remained between Apple and Fujitsu. As a result, ... Read More

iPad gets a failing grade even before it ships

The reasons iPad gets a failing grade even before the units start to ship are piling up… Gizmodo does a nice job of summarizing the top reasons Apple gets a #fail on V1 of the iPad:   The joke on Microsoft used to be that they never get anything right until V3. Will Apple ... Read More

Drinking the Apple Koolaid

“Wow!!!” — That’s what I expected to feel coming out of the Apple iPad announcement. Not even close. Underwhelmed. If Microsoft had come out with an announcement that was as weak as today’s Apple announcement they would have been slaughtered in the press. The media have drunk the Apple koolaid. Instead we get headlines like this from ... Read More