Yearly Archives: 2010

The Nashville Flood – Music City Responds with Music and More

Nashville area waters have returned to normal levels while the city continues to help those impacted by the flood in their recovery. Many Churches and the teams at Hands On Nashville continue to coordinate the volunteer efforts that are so needed. Service organizations including Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Second Harvest and HopeForce have been ... Read More

Nashville’s I-24 becomes Lake I-24

Serious storm today in Nashville. Tornado sirens were going off. And flooding proved to be the major problem… This was our street: And this is Interstate 24: We’ve never seen anything like this since we moved here.Quite the storm. A friend of a friend had six feet of water in his basement. I went over ... Read More

Apple’s iPad or Microsoft Surface or ???

Thanks to my friend Sampson, I had the opportunity to see how a tech wiz is putting Apple’s iPad to work. I left our coffee meeting this week with many ideas and reflections on the device that has captured the media’s attention and has already led 700,000+ people to part with their hard earned cash. ... Read More

Microsoft and the Cloud

This report from the Seattle Daily Tech Flash was also reported in TechCrunch today… Given the discussion on life in the clouds here in past blogs and with friends, I found this of note. Microsoft certainly seems to be subscribing to the “better late than never” approach. Google snapped up several document collaboration technologies in ... Read More