Putting a DENT in the Universe

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist David Horsey has done a masterful job summarizing DENT. It is no surprise that many are listing DENT as one that belongs on your conference list, no matter how short your list is. Here is his article from the LA Times this week. Bravo to Jason Preston and Steve Broback. Dent was, again, an amazing event.


Image hybrid of David Horsey’s art from his presentation and Skip Franklin’s wit

An Attitude of Gratitude

As the calendar moves forward from 2014 to 2015, take the time to reflect on what made 2014 a blessed year… even if everything did not turn out as planned. Maya Angelou talked about cultivating an “Attitude of Gratitude” and I truly believe this can make a difference in our lives.

Fear and Gratitude cannot co-exist in the mind at the same time. Experiencing fear? Take the time to think about and write about all the things you are thankful for. It will help you get “unstuck” and can bring peace and joy.

We all have much to be thankful for, even in the trials of life.

Here’s to an awesome 2015! May it be one filled with blessings for you. May your “Attitude of Gratitude” overflow to others and help you start 2015 with a great mindset.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Time to Get Moving for 2015!

Time to get 2015 in gear! I was thinking about 2014 and planning 2015 and decided to record my thoughts and share some of the “lessons learned” on life’s highway. I included things I learned working with Bill Gates, interacting with Steven Covey and Steve Jobs, and from my work with many great leaders including Bill Meyer (Unlocking Our Potential) and now Jon Butcher at Lifebook! I hope you enjoy them!

Update: December 31: The videos series is complete. I hope you enjoyed them and they were helpful. The Lifebook with Dave session starts January 6! Contact dave@jaworski.net with your questions.


Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! (And belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian family and friends!) We are thankful for family and friends and all of the blessings on life’s great journey!



(Photo by Susan in our back yard.)

Set your DVR on Giving

Set your DVR for Paper Angels which makes its debut tomorrow (7 ET). Susan and I had the opportunity to see its preview last week. Paper Angels is a beautiful story. And it is a true story.


Country music’s Jimmy Wayne (https://www.facebook.com/JimmyWayneOfficial) wrote Paper Angels and it shares a lot about his life. Sarah and Susan and I had the opportunity to spend a little time talking with Jimmy the week prior to the preview. He is amazing. You can spend time with Jimmy and I encourage you to do so…

Jimmy’s full life story is SUPER powerful. He experienced more than any of us should need to experience. And yet he shines light. He documented it in full in “Walk To Beautiful” (it hit the NY Times Best Seller list this month!)

Set your DVR. You won’t be sorry.

Have someone on your Christmas list and you are not sure what to get them? Get them “Walk To Beautiful”. Positive people will be inspired. Negative people and people living in pain may see light. Truly a beautiful story. Gift yourself with it.


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